The Story So Far (Demos 2007​-​Present)

by Matthew D. Mason

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This is a collection of most of the songs I've recorded in the past 6 years. Tracks 2,4, and 5 were recorded in 2012 with Marshall Pitman. All other tracks are from a band I was in a few years back. They were only partially mixed . There is a bonus track for anyone who buys the whole album that was never mixed at all. Some of the vocals in the choruses are rushed and the drums are way too low but that's what we get for trusting an engineer who's work we had never heard.


released July 10, 2013

Matthew Mason- Vocals/guitars/harmonica
Jeremy Wemple- Guitars
Nick Hill- Guitars
Matt Brown- Bass
Clint Goodrum- Drums

Marshall Pitman- engineer on tracks 2,4, and 5/extra percussion



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Matthew D. Mason Jonesboro, Arkansas

My name is Matthew. I’m from Nashville, Tn. but currently reside in Jonesboro Ar. I’ve been writing and recording since I was 14 or 15. I’ve been in a few bands that ranged from classic post hardcore, experimental power pop, indie pop rock, and currently I’ve been writing indie acoustic songs and experimenting with new instrument for upcoming recordings. ... more

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Track Name: This Town is Eating Me Alive
Sweet chariot you're my only hope
I've gotta get out of here tonight
Everyone knows the hardest part
is waiting for you to arrive
but I'll stay calm and try to understand
Whatever reason you've got to keep me in this hell

This towns eating me alive
but I'm not leaving anytime soon but neither are you
So I guess that makes something right for me this time
you said your grace was enough
to keep this fire burning
but I'm losing the steam to keep me
pushing forward to you

I'm falling into the same routine
and repetition just equals out to exhaustion
but I can't move forward without fixing what I've let
fall apart

I wont be content with living without passion
I wont just let life pass me by

This town's eating me alive
and I'm scared to death that the things I regret
will be haunting me until I die
This town's eating me alive
and If I don't get out of here
I'll be stuck here for the rest of my life
Track Name: You're So Ugly Drunk
In the backseat of your Plymouth,
we shared a cigarette
and the softest kiss
but the highlight of the evening
is when you told me you had been
with someone else
and it tore me to pieces
when you wouldn't look me in the eye
and I couldn't believe that you would
give it up to some other guy
now it's all downhill from here
and I don't give a damn about your tears
You can tell me you're sorry
but it doesn't mean anything
Yeah, you made me believe
that it was my fault
that you left in the first place.

In your bedroom with the door closed
I caught a whiff of your perfume and threw our picture across the room
then you rushed in and I could tell
that you were drunk but I was too fed up to give a fuck and I don't have to put up with this kind of shit anymore
and I'm not stupid enough to fight through your drunken slurs
so I'm packing up my stuff and getting out before things get worse
I hope you realize what you did,
If you can sober up long enough
Track Name: C'est la Vie
I've held on too long, It's time to let go
It's time to move forward now,
and stop chasing ghost
but everything seems so different these days
Everyone seems so distant
Everyone seems so fake

What I held on to has fallen apart.(x2)

I guess that it's true that's just how life goes
Everyone loses touch until they catch eyes at a funeral
Hey man, Hey Girl, what's up?
It's been such a long time
We should get coffee soon
and talk about old times

The friendships that we had have fallen apart. (x2)

We used to hold each other up
Whether the stage or a parking lot
We used to show one another love
Now we can't even answer our phones
How could we all just give up
and turn on the ones that helped us grow
When did we get so wrapped up in ourselves
and let everyone else just fade away.
Track Name: Good Morning Desperation (Ft. Katie B. Mason)
Lets be honest, for once
this isn't working for either of us
I know that you would rather be dead
than to be proven wrong
So why wont you listen
Stop running your mouth girl
I'm losing my thoughts

Hello exhaustion
please forget my name
I'm too caught up in passion
to ever speak again
Good morning desperation
I'm so glad you came
you're the only reason
I woke up today

When will you learn
Its not always about you
When will I learn to just give up
and not waste my time
trying to save your life again and again
I'm letting go I'm washing your blood
off of my hands
Track Name: I Hope You Choke (on the memories I left Inside you)
Shut your eyes and try to remember
what it was like when we were happy
the moon really is down now
and the silence is more than overwhelming
and passion passed you by
the moment that you left me behind to die
so you try to pretend
that I never even existed

remember when you said you'd never leave me
well now your gone and I'm left all alone
I hope you choke on the memories that I left inside you
I hope some day you realize what you've done

so tell me is this your way
of justifying your actions
or are you scared
of consequence at all
you never even told me
you were leaving
I just woke up one day
and all your things were gone

remember when you said you'd never leave me
well now your gone and I'm left all alone
I hope you choke on the memories that I left inside you
I hope some day you realize what you've done

you're sorry that you moved on
and I'm sorry that you're lying
honestly it wouldn't be so bad if I got to say goodbye
honestly it wouldn't be so bad if you changed your mind

remember when you said you'd never leave me
well now your gone and I'm left all alone
I hope you choke on the memories that I left inside you
I hope some day you realize what you've done